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How to unf*ck your organisation

The purpose of an organisation is to enable common people to do uncommon things.

Peter Drucker

WAO works with complex, multinational clients as well as smaller groups containing just a handful of people. While every organisation is different, we’ve noticed things in common that we often have to help them untangle.

So we’re putting together a course to help forward-thinking people in senior roles who might need a bit of help and orientation. We’ll break things down in terms of people, products, and process, and give you enough direction and inspiration to get started transforming your organisation for the better.

Here’s what to expect:


We'll untangle your spaghetti
  • Mission — ensuring that you and the people around you know why you’re turning up every day
  • Roles — enabling people to get things done, no matter what their place on the org chart
  • Talent — growing organisational capacity by harnessing the power of people’s interests as well as their current skills


  • Software — essential tools for the job to enable effectiveness and efficiency
  • Iteration — taking a phased a approach to the adoption of new platforms and tools
  • Documentation — viewing your knowledge base as an essential product of your organisation


  • Data — capturing and using information to improve the way you work
  • Decisions — making explicit current and desired decision-making workflows
  • Open working — faster innovation through transparent working within your organisation and your stakeholders/community

Sound interesting?

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