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This fine selection of resources connect everything that our members have shared over the years on different platforms. Here you can find videos, blogs, illustrations and MOAR…

How to Build a Community of Practice

This guide is for those interested in creating a Community of Practice (CoP) using a social learning platform such as Participate. We wrote it based on our experience building and facilitating a community known as Open Recognition is for Everybody (ORE).

Presentations and Speeches by Doug Belshaw

On you can find a selection of events where Doug has been recorded over the last decade. He is talking about digital literacies, open badges and digital learning.

Media Kit by Laura Hilliger

This media kit is a collection of Laura’s press, presentations, bios and headshots. Her presentations are about everything from web literacy to product design to storytelling.

Participatory learning materials by Laura Hilliger

This is a collection of learning materials developed for the #TeachTheWeb community at Mozilla. They are made for co-design and participatory workshops.

Authored content on by Laura Hilliger

A collection of all articles, contributions and comments made by Laura Hilliger as an ambassador on

10 ideas – a creative process by Bryan Mathers

This process has been used to create Visual Identities, Aesthetics, Brands, Campaign artwork, Wall art, Manifestos, Participatory artwork, Animations, Book Covers, Illustrations and more!

The Fabulous Remixer Machine by Bryan Mathers

The Remixer Machine is a web app that aims to provide people with a visual voice, especially to those who might not consider themselves “arty” – or who don’t have the graphical tools to create.