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The Tao of WAO is a podcast about the intersection of technology, society, and internet culture – with a dash of philosophy and art for good measure.


Skills for the New Normal: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Online Meetings

Our free email-based course to help you and your organisation improve your online meeting experience!

What we talk about when we talk about open

Our free email-based course to help you and your organisation work more openly!


Same problems - different tools

We use a range of tools and approaches in our work with clients. This growing library contains some of them that we find particularly helpful and have used on multiple occasions. As ever, we build on the work of others, crediting them when we do so!

Badge wiki is a knowledge repository for the Open Badges community. The wiki has everything you need to get started with open badges. It was made possible through the support of Participate and the Open Recognition Alliance.

The Learning Fractal

The Learning Fractal was We Are Open’s monthly newsletter which covered topics including Open Badges and micro-credentials, creativity in learning, new frontiers in educational technology, learning pathways, and more!

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