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Audience Ikigai

Audience work can be quite complicated. There are lots of different sorts of audiences and often, an organisation’s target audience is actually several different audiences. The Audience Ikigai helps you prioritise and target communications for your audiences.

  1. You will want to have a clear idea of your desired audiences before starting. Do some audience research to find out who your audience is and who you want your audience to be.
  2. While doing Audience Research, identify 3 communication desires and/or areas of focus for each kind of audience.
  3. Place the more non-specific audiences in the outer ovals and more specific audiences in the inner ovals.
  4. Review and discuss each audience’s areas of focus and figure out where there are overlaps. Each of the areas of focus for the various audiences is then layered on the Ikigai image.
  5. Remember the Audience Ikigai will shift depending on the assumptions you and your team make.

Target Group: communication teams, content creators, strategic direction

Time: 15-20 minutes + audience research

Material: Whimsical Template

Goals: match or prioritise content with desired audiences

Example for Audience Ikigai from Greenpeace International

Click here to access the template to make your own copy