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Strategic Starfish

The “Starfish Retrospective” is a model for reflection that has been around on the Internet since the before times. None of them, however, are quite so beautiful as the Starfish WAO member Bryan Mathers drew. This technique allows you to reflect (and plan!) in various degrees of nuance.

Sailboat Retrospective

Whether it’s midway through a project, or at the end, a retrospective is an important part of team learning. While there are many ways of performing a retro, we’ve found that doing it in a fun way can help open up honest conversations.

Big Reveal

Sometimes, when you’re working on things together online, you want to be able to write things down in a shared space without everyone else being able to see what you’re doing.


The chances are that most people reading this had heard of SWOT analysis. You may have even done one yourself. While it is useful to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a project or situation, sometimes a bit more nuance is needed.